Tips for Towing Your Boat Trailer to the Finger Lakes

Towing Your Boat Trailer to the Finger Lakes | Auburn, NY

As warmer temperatures approach us here in Auburn, many Upstate New York families start visiting the Finger Lakes for weekend outings. This means getting your Chevrolet or GMC truck ready to tow your boat to the launch points. To make sure you safely tow a boat trailer with your Silverado or Sierra, consider these towing tips.

  • Stay within your truck’s limits: Thoroughly review the limits of your truck before you start towing. Make sure it can handle the total weight of your trailer, boat, and cargo; this number is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).
  • Evenly distribute weight: Make sure the weight of your boat is evenly distributed across the left and right sides. Tightly secure all gear in the boat to prevent shifting during transport.
  • Check the tires: Check the air pressure for all the tires on both your truck and your trailer. Verify the speed rating for the trailer tires you have installed. Most trailer tires have a speed rating of 65 mph. Many Chevrolet and GMC trucks are available with a trailer tire pressure monitoring system to make safety checks easier.
  • Check the lights: You need all the lights on your truck and trailer to be properly functioning before you start towing. The in-vehicle trailering system available on many GM trucks can walk you through a lighting test.
  • Check the brakes: The truck’s brakes work a lot harder while towing heavy trailers. Make sure the brakes on your Chevy or GMC truck are in good condition. Depending on the weight of your trailer, you might also need special trailer brakes for extra stopping force.

Towing your boat trailer is easy when you have the strong performance and safe driving functions of a Chevy or GMC truck. Learn about GM truck towing capabilities and technology at Auburn Chevrolet Buick GMC.

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