Tips for Driving in Bad Weather with a Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicle in Auburn, NY

Tips For Driving In Bad Weather | Auburn, NY

Our city of Auburn is a great place to live and explore, but let’s face it, the weather can be rough here in central New York — especially in late winter and early spring. Road conditions are very slick from the melting snow, icy nighttime roads, and spring rainstorms.

If you’re driving a vehicle around Auburn that has rear-wheel drive, you’re familiar with the precarious road conditions this time of year. To help boost your confidence and safety behind the wheel of a RWD vehicle, here are a few tips for driving in bad weather with a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

Don’t speed

Speeding in any weather puts you at risk. Speeding in bad weather in a RWD-equipped vehicle is extra dangerous. Be sure to mind your car’s acceleration, especially when you’re making turns. Driving slowly in bad weather can help keep you in control of your car’s trajectory.

Sharpen your skills

Driving confidence comes with experience, and that’s particularly true when driving in bad weather in a vehicle equipped with RWD. Practice will help strengthen your driving skills so you can better handle road hazards and unpredictable weather. Don’t be afraid to go driving if the roads are slick; use it as an opportunity to practice maintaining control.

Fill up your trunk or truck bed

Weight in the back of your RWD vehicle may improve traction on the road. The tires can grip the pavement better if you add extra weight in the trunk of your sedan or truck bed. We suggest using kitty litter boxes, bags of sand, or bags of dirt to weigh down your vehicle.

Make sure your rear-wheel-drive vehicle is ready to handle bad weather and compromised road conditions in Auburn, New York. Schedule maintenance checks of its brakes, alignment, and tires at Auburn Chevrolet Buick GMC.

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