How Chevy’s Towing Camera Tech Makes Trailering Safer in Auburn, NY

Chevy's Towing Camera Tech | Auburn, NY

When you choose a Chevrolet truck for your towing needs, you can have confidence that it can handle the exceptional weight with ease.

With the brand’s innovative camera tech designed specifically for your towing pursuits, you can feel like a pro when you’re trailering here in Auburn, New York. Chevy’s towing camera tech helps make towing tasks less stressful from start to finish, especially when you launching your boat into Owasco Lake.

The more camera views you have in your truck, the bigger the picture you have of your surroundings, which optimizes your safety on the road. Chevy offers a maximum of 15 available unique camera views in its Silverado lineup, including four hitch views, six driving views, and five parking views. That’s more than any other system offered by competing automakers!

With four available hitch views, you have a clear view when you are trying to connect your boat trailer to your Chevy truck. The transparent trailer view even erases your trailer so you see what lurks behind it — a truly magical feat.

Driving views including front camera view, pic-in-pic side view, rear camera mirror, and rear trailer view help you see potential hazards near your trailer. This is especially important to your safety when you are navigating traffic, traveling down crowded streets, or driving on side streets.

Get a closer look at the innovative towing camera tech from Chevy when you visit Auburn Chevrolet Buick GMC in Auburn, New York.

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